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“If you want a fulfilling life, then foster!”

Tracey has been fostering since 2013, when her own children were aged nine and 11. Since then, she has provided a safe and loving home to many local children, including sibling groups and teenagers.
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"The rewards you get back you can't even measure!"

Even after an incredible 23 years of being a Foster Carer for under-fives, Sam still absolutely loves what she does, "Fostering is amazing and life changing!"
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"Supported Lodgings seemed a better fit than fostering"

With her own two children settled in their own homes, Jackie became a Supported Lodgings host. She loves having a 19-year-old in her home again and helping him move on with his life.
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"Young people make life interesting and fabulous!"

Discover how Juli, together with partner Alex, manage working full-time while helping a young person to learn or try new things and the joy of seeing them succeed in those.
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"It's the most rewarding thing you could ever do"

Kay has been a Supported Lodgings host since 2019 and has really enjoyed helping her 19-year-old young man learn to budget, shop and cook for himself.
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"I'd been thinking about it for a long time"

Carole is a single carer from Arundel and has been providing respite foster care since 2022. We asked Carole to share her experiences of the assessment process and the first few months of fostering.
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