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Foster Carers

Powerful stories taken directly from our carers about the impact that fostering with West Sussex had on them.

“Our family unit has doubled and we love it!”

Mark, one of our amazing LGBTQ+ Foster Carers, has shared his fostering story with us and the life-changing difference it has had on not just him, but his wider family too.
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“If you want a fulfilling life, then foster!”

Tracey has been fostering since 2013, when her own children were aged nine and 11. Since then, she has provided a safe and loving home to many local children, including sibling groups and teenagers.
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"The rewards you get back you can't even measure!"

Even after an incredible 23 years of being a Foster Carer for under-fives, Sam still absolutely loves what she does, "Fostering is amazing and life changing!"
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"I'd been thinking about it for a long time"

Carole is a single carer from Arundel and has been providing respite foster care since 2022. We asked Carole to share her experiences of the assessment process and the first few months of fostering.
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"It's been life-changing for us in so many good ways"

Holly and Gary Kellaway have been fostering with WSCC for 18 months. Discover what motivated them to become Foster Carers and the fantastic rewards it entails.
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“As much as I've given my young person, they give you that back tenfold”

James, with his wife and three birth children, has been a Foster Carer with WSCC since 2018. Hear from James about the difference fostering has made to both him and his foster child.
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"Helping them develop as a person... it's so rewarding"

Jill has been a Foster Carer with us for 23 years and in this time has fostered children of all ages. Are you thinking about becoming a Foster Carer? Hear Jill's heart-warming story.
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"They just want someone who will vouch for them..."

Michelle has been fostering teenagers with us for 27 years. Find out what it’s really like and why being a Foster Carer is one of the most rewarding roles ever.
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"Short-breaks care is good for me and my boy"

Foster Carer Judith shares what it is like looking after a child with disabilities and the huge difference that Foster Carers Kim and David make by offering short-breaks care for her and her boy.
watch Judith, Kim and David's story

"I feel that those people who say, 'I always thought about fostering', have missed out!"

David, who works in social care and is a Foster Carer alongside his wife, Kim, explains the best parts of being a Foster Carer.
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"You've always got people there to support you."

Kim, who fosters alongside her husband David, shares how her own children have benefited from fostering, and how you are never on your own when fostering with WSCC.
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"Giving a child a home is a huge opening for your life"

Incredible Foster Carer Gemma shares what it's like to foster a secondary-school aged child and the most rewarding parts.
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"We thought we could give someone a place to live"

Hearing about refugee children inspired Rose and Phil to become Foster Carers. Watch them share their positive experience fostering Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children.
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"I love fostering and the friendships it has given me!"

An experienced carer, Joyce recently welcomed two Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking young people into her family, helping support their practical, emotional and cultural needs.
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