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Supported Lodgings

Some of our amazing Supported Lodgings Hosts have shared their experiences with us.

“Go for it. I love doing it!”

Jo has been a Supported Lodgings Host since 2022, successfully supporting an unaccompanied asylum-seeking Muslim girl and a trans young person, alongside working part-time and raising two boys.
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“We really enjoyed getting to know our young person!”

Newly approved Supported Lodgings Hosts Vickie and Chris have shared their journey so far and their advice to anyone considering making a difference too!
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"Supported Lodgings seemed a better fit than fostering"

With her own two children settled in their own homes, Jackie became a Supported Lodgings host. She loves having a 19-year-old in her home again and helping him move on with his life.
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"Young people make life interesting and fabulous!"

Discover how Juli, together with partner Alex, manage working full-time while helping a young person to learn or try new things and the joy of seeing them succeed in those.
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"It's the most rewarding thing you could ever do"

Kay has been a Supported Lodgings host since 2019 and has really enjoyed helping her 19-year-old young man learn to budget, shop and cook for himself.
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Could you support a young person aged 16-24 to prepare for adult life?

By teaching life skills and providing emotional support, you could help a young person reach their full potential!