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Fostering Team

Our fantastic team shares how they support our foster families at every step of their fostering journey.

"We make sure the needs of all children in the home are met"

Assessing Social Worker Sally explains the Skills to Foster Course, what the assessment process involves and how she works with birth children.
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"Day-to-day we're available for anything our carers need"

Advanced Supervising Social Worker, Harpreet, highlights her role and the type of support Foster Carers for WSCC receive.
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"The skill and thoughtfulness of carers is so humbling"

Heidi, our Fostering Team Manager, shares some of her many wow moments!
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"It's just the really small things that can make a difference"

Jill explains our training offer for foster and kinship carers as well as Mockingbird.
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"We will always take the journey at a person's pace"

Catherine and Heidi share what you need to be able to foster, what to expect when you enquire and much more!
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"I'm constantly in awe of all that our Foster Carers do"

Anna and Carly share what their work entails, give advice to those thinking about fostering and share a positive fostering story.
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