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Children with disabilities fostering

Foster Carers are needed to help care for children with disabilities on both a short- and longer-term basis. Some families need support to provide their children with social opportunities through short breaks foster care. Other children with disabilities need to live with a Foster Carer full time, within West Sussex, to maintain their links with their school, family and friends.

Children with Disabilities

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Find out what you could receive short-term and long term by helping to care for a child with disabilites.

Children with disabilities who need foster care may have complex learning disabilities, or be diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. They might have physical disabilities requiring equipment to support them, and/or have complex medical health needs.

If you are nurturing, creative and have the belief that children with disabilities have the potential to succeed with appropriate support in place, this could be a very rewarding fostering role for you and your family to consider.

You might already have knowledge and experience of caring for, or working with, children with complex health needs and disabilities and this could be an opportunity for you to transfer your skills into a fostering role.

Short breaks foster care


Caring for children with disabilities full time

Children might come into care for a short period of time for various reasons and might need a foster home for a few weeks, a year or as long as it takes for the child’s situation to resolve. The child becomes part of your family until such time when a transition plan is put into place.

Children who come into care full time need stability through to adulthood. Foster carers might know the child from providing short breaks, or through networks within specialist schools and fostering.

Foster Carers work with a child on developing communication, social and independence skills in co-ordination with other professionals in the child’s life from health, school or other organisations.

As a Foster Carer caring for a child with disabilities you will get the support you need to give them the best possible care, including supervision, training and linking in with other Foster Carers.

The Fostering and Kinship Service works closely with the Child Disability team and Placement Finding team to help match children with appropriate foster families. The teams also work together to provide equipment, adaptations, short breaks and transport to support Foster Carers.

Professional support and competitive pay

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