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Who can foster a child?

Our Foster Carers come from a wide range of backgrounds, with lots of different life experiences and skills to meet the diverse needs of the children we care for.

What they all share is a commitment and passion for making a difference to children’s lives; supporting them through challenges and change and helping them achieve their potential.


What do I need to be a Foster Carer?

  • To be over 21 years old
  • A spare bedroom
  • The desire and ability to provide a child with a safe, supportive and loving environment to help them through a challenging time in their lives

What don't I need to be a Foster Carer?

  • Be under a certain age
    There’s no upper age limit to fostering
  • Be in a relationship
    We have lots of single carers
  • Have specific qualifications
    We give you all the training you’ll need
  • Have your own children
    You may have experience via your job or having spent time with family and friends' children
  • Be a certain religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation
    We welcome applications from all different communities

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